Our investment option names have changed

Posted 26 February 2016


There are a range of investment options you can choose for your Accumulate Plus super account, including:

  • Four diversified (or pre-mixed) options, each of which invests across a range of asset classes. These options were previously currently known as our ‘Mix’ options - Mix 30, Mix 50, Mix 70 (MySuper) and Mix 90.
  • Four single asset class options, each of which invests in one asset class only - Cash, Fixed Interest, Australian Shares and International Shares.


From 26 February 2016, the names of our four diversified investment options changed:

Old name New name
Mix 30 Conservative
Mix 50 Moderate
Mix 70 (MySuper) Balanced (MySuper)
Mix 90 Growth

An important consideration in setting our investment strategy is looking at ways we can help reduce the risk that actual returns will vary from the return objective we set for each investment option. One way we can do this is by incorporating multi-asset strategies.

Our former diversified investment option 'Mix' names indicated the approximate allocation to growth asset classes. For example, the benchmark allocation for Mix 70 was generally around 70% to growth assets (and 30% to income or defensive assets).

Multi-asset strategies generally rely on actively managing where and how money is invested, which means they are more difficult to classify as either ‘growth’ or ‘defensive’, as the asset mix may vary.

Changing the diversified option names allows more flexibility for these strategies to be introduced in the future. The new names are also more consistent with naming conventions used more widely across the superannuation and investment sectors.