Recent CommInsure media coverage

Posted 17 March 2016


We are aware of the recent media coverage regarding CommInsure’s handling of insurance claims for certain customers, which included two members of Commonwealth Bank Group Super. The individual circumstances for these members were in dispute and are being resolved.

We welcome the commitments that CommInsure made earlier this week to enhance their review processes for declined claims.

It has been our fund’s process for some time to have any decision to potentially decline a claim, including those mentioned above, reviewed by an independent company with experience in claims assessment. This will continue to be our process for any future claims.

We are confident that our fund has appropriate processes in place to assess individual claims, but we will be reviewing other declined claims to ensure that similar circumstances do not exist.

We formally review the performance of our insurer, as well as all our service providers, on an ongoing basis. We will continue to monitor how CommInsure are addressing these recent issues.

If you have questions or concerns about a claim, or any aspect of your account with us, we encourage you to contact us for further information.