Member surveys

Survey feedback from our members about their experiences and the level of service they receive from our fund is important to us, as it helps us improve our services to you. In some cases, we conduct these surveys directly and in others, we engage service providers to survey our members on our behalf.

Phone-based surveys by Customer Service Benchmarking Australia

We engage Customer Service Benchmarking Australia (CSBA) to conduct customer experience surveys of our members twice per year, usually during February and July, by phone and email. We provide CSBA with a small sample of member contact details for this purpose. The provision and use of member details for this purpose occurs strictly in accordance with our privacy policy.

About CSBA

CSBA is an experienced survey organisation that undertakes research on behalf of a wide range of companies and industries throughout Australia, including financial services, government agencies, education institutions, utility services and commercial organisations. You can visit the CSBA website at

What to expect if you receive a call from CSBA

  • The superannuation survey for Commonwealth Bank Group Super runs for 3 to 4 weeks during February and July-August. You may receive either a phone call or an email in relation to this survey.
  • All calls to our members are made individually by a CSBA interviewer; automated dialling systems are not used.
  • If call contact is successful, the interviewer will ask you to confirm your name and that you’re a member of our fund to ensure they’re speaking with the correct person before progressing. 
  • If you agree to participate in the survey, the questions will focus on your experience with our fund and some general themes related to superannuation or retirement. 
  • The interviewer will not ask you to provide or verify any personal information or information about your account details.
  • If you don’t agree to participate in the survey, CSBA will not contact you again for that survey. 
  • For our survey, CSBA may attempt to call you up to three times if a call is not answered or diverts to voicemail. If the contact is still unsuccessful, your number won’t be attempted again.

Other surveys from our fund

We don’t currently engage with any other providers to conduct surveys on our behalf.

At times you may receive an email survey directly from our Contact Centre or our Group Super trustee team. This may relate to your service experience following a call with us, or it may be one of our annual member surveys.

Please be assured that while we may ask for your general thoughts and experiences with our fund, we will never ask you to provide or verify any personal information as part of these surveys.

If you receive a phone call or email that you’re unsure about, or someone is requesting personal details about you or your account, please let us know as soon as possible.