We’re here to help you towards the financial future you deserve.


Our vision and principles

Our vision is simple: to enhance the financial wellbeing of our members and their families for retirement.

Supporting this vision, we have six principles that guide our strategy and decision making:

  • Proactively engage with members to ensure that they maximise their family’s financial wellbeing through their working lives and into retirement
  • Approach investing with a focus on long-term returns that meet the investment objectives set for each investment option
  • Deliver excellent customer service in every interaction with members
  • Offer a suite of competitive products and services at a cost that is below the industry average
  • Design risk tolerances and limits to ensure we maintain a governance standard that aligns with Group requirements and meets established benchmarks within our sector
  • Leverage the Group’s capabilities where appropriate and jointly develop solutions to challenges facing our fund and the broader superannuation industry.

Super is a long-term investment and we want to be your super fund…for life.

Our products can support you and your family throughout that journey – while you're working with the Commonwealth Bank Group, if you change jobs in the future, in the lead up to retirement, and once you retire.