Information for financial advisers/planners about Accumulate Plus

If you are providing your client with advice about their account in our fund, please see below some details to assist with your client conversations.

  • General
    • Minimum account balance (applies to post-employment members only)
      Minimum amount for cash withdrawals
      Minimum amount for partial rollovers
      No minimum
      Asset allocations and investment option information
      Refer to the Member Guide (PDS) and Reference Guide: Invest your account
      Pension phase and TRIS available?
      Spouse account available?
      Choice of super fund contributions available post employment?

  • Insurance
    • Insurer CommInsure
      Premiums stepped or level Stepped. Level premiums are unavailable
      Occupation classes White collar only
      Increasing claims option Unavailable

  • Death Cover
    • Is terminal illness cover included?
      Life cover buyback
      Expiry age
      70 – to apply for cover, member must be under age 70
      Maximum sum insured
      Auto acceptance limit

  • Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD)
    • Can this cover be standalone? No, must be linked to death cover
      Any or own occupation Any occupation only
      TPD definition unlikely or unable                                          Unlikely
      Maximum sum insured $3,000,000
      Auto acceptance limit $1,500,000
      Expiry age 70 – cover expires when member turns 70 (altered definition applies after age 60. Please refer to the Member Guide (PDS) and Reference Guide: Insurance cover for details.)

  • Salary Continuance Insurance (SCI)
    • Agreed value or indemnity? Indemnity. Agreed value is unavailable
      Maximum sum insured $25,000 per month
      Is auto acceptance available? No
      Expiry age Next premium due date after you reach age 65

  • Fees
    • These fees align with the Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) for Accumulate Plus issued 30 September 2017 and Retirement Access issued 30 September 2017. Please confirm that these are the most recent PDS documents.

      Administration fees

      Fixed administration fee 

      Accumulate Plus: $6.471 (gross) per month

      Retirement Access TRIS: $6.471 (gross) per month

      Retirement Access Account-Based Pension: $5.50 (gross) per month

      Asset-based administration fee All accounts: 0.17%1 of account balance balance per year


      Investment fees

      Investment option Investment fee1 estimated for the 12 months to 30 June 2017
      Conservative      0.28 
      Moderate  0.39 
      Balanced (MySuper)  0.48 
      Growth  0.53 
      Cash  0.06 
      Fixed Interest  0.20 
      Australian Shares  0.53 
      International Shares  0.48 


      Other fees 

      • Advice fees1: If a member receives financial advice from a licensed financial adviser of their choice in relation to an Accumulate Plus or Retirement Access account, the member may elect for us to pay the fee (which they agree with their adviser) to the adviser and to deduct the amount from their account balance. This advice fee will only be deducted from upon agreement from the member and the financial adviser. Some conditions apply. Download our Request to pay advice fee form for more information.
      • Insurance fees (premiums)1: Premiums will apply for any insurance cover in Accumulate Plus, including default (automatic) or voluntary cover. Refer to the relevant Reference Guide: Insurance cover for premium rates.

      Please note there are no fees for:

      • switching investment options
      • making a withdrawal
      • opening or closing an account
      • contributing to an account
      • buy/sell spreads
      • indirect cost ratio (the trustee has determined to include all indirect costs as part of investment fees).


      More information 

      For more details on an Accumulate Plus or Retirement Access account, please refer to the Member Guide (PDS) and Reference Guides.


      1  Figures shown on this page include the net effect of GST. For Accumulate Plus and Retirement Access TRIS accounts, the actual amount that members pay for this fee may be less than the figures shown, as any tax concession that the fund is entitled to is passed on to members in the form of reduced fees and insurance premiums. 


For more details on your client's Accumulate Plus account, please refer to the Member Guide (PDS) for Accumulate Plus..