Consolidation and contributions

    Super contributions

    By making extra contributions, you will boost the amount of super you have when you stop working. The key is to start now so you can relax later. (Source: ASIC MoneySmart)

    What happens if you go over the super contributions caps?

    If your contributions exceed the caps, there are implications you need to consider. (Source: MoneySmart)

    Tips to boost your super

    Your retirement may either be a distant thought or just a few years away, but it’s never too early (or late) to think about topping up your super. (Source: CommBank)

    Why it’s time to take a fresh look at salary sacrifice

    See how you can take advantage of salary sacrifice. (Source: Colonial First State)

    Super contributions caps explained

    Find out more about super contributions caps. (Source: Colonial First State)

    Over 55s - your money

    It's an important time; consider your options with your finances. (Source: ASIC MoneySmart)

    Choosing a fund

    There are several things to consider when choosing a super fund. (Source: ASFA Super Guru)

    Super contributions optimiser

    Find out how you can maximise your contributions. (Source: ASIC MoneySmart)

    Super co-contributions calculator

    See what your co-contributions could do for your spouse's super. (Source: ASIC MoneySmart)

    Super vs mortgage calculator

    Are you better off paying extra to your super or your mortgage? (Source: ASIC MoneySmart)

    Career break super calculator

    Find out how a career break affects your super balance (Source: ASIC MoneySmart)