When considering whether you’re on track for retirement, at some stage you may need information or advice to help you better prepare your super savings for the future.

Here are some options – including some you can access at no additional cost – to help you find the information to help you better understand your super and keep preparing for your future. 

  • I prefer to learn by doing my own research first
  • I have a few simple questions for someone to help me understand the best options for my account
    • With questions that take into account more of your personal circumstances, sometimes it helps to talk to an expert.

      As part of the services we offer to members, we’ve arranged for two specialist teams* of financial advisers to provide advice to you over the phone – one for accumulation super (including account-based pensions) and one for defined benefit super.

      As a member, there is generally no cost to you when using this service for advice relating to options about your account in our fund, for example with your super contributions, investment options, benefit options, or insurance cover. A fee may apply if advice is provided outside this scope – the adviser will let you know beforehand if this is the case.

      To get started, simply call us and ask to speak with the Advice team. 

      *Advice relating to Accumulate Plus and Retirement Access is provided by Commonwealth Financial Planning Limited (ABN 65 003 900 169, AFSL 231139). Advice relating to our Defined Benefit divisions is provided by Mercer Financial Advice (Australia) Limited (ABN 79 153 168 293, AFSL 411766).

  • I'd like more detailed advice and information to plan for my future
    • Deciding on more comprehensive advice from an authorised financial adviser is an option many consider, particularly in the lead up to retirement.

      Getting advice that considers your unique personal circumstances may help you plan for funding your lifestyle when you decide to stop working. It could also help you identify and prepare for significant events that can happen along the way, which may impact your long-term finances.

      As a member, it may be even easier for you to seek financial advice, with the option to have the fees you agree with any authorised financial adviser of your choice deducted from your super account balance rather than your take-home pay, when the advice is about your account in our fund. This can be a tax-effective way to pay for financial advice.

      For more information, including terms and conditions, refer to our request to pay advice fee form.

      Note: Advice fees cannot be deducted from a defined benefit account, but a fee in relation to defined benefit advice can be deducted from an Accumulate Plus or Retirement Access account if you have one.