Financial advice is an option that many consider, particularly in the lead up to retirement.

Getting the right financial advice for your circumstances can help give you more confidence that your planning is on track for the future, or if needed, help you put some strategies and goals in place to improve your outcomes.

Financial advice can also help you set and work towards your financial goals, feel more in control of your finances and your life, avoid expensive mistakes and protect your assets.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) MoneySmart website has some information and tools to help you when it comes to financial advice, including:

Finding an adviser

It’s important to feel comfortable with your financial adviser and ensure that they have the right experience and qualifications to give you the service you need.


Once you have a shortlist of advisers it's important to check their history, qualifications and current employment status before you approach them about getting advice. You can do this through the ASIC financial advisers register, which also includes details of what product areas they can advise on and whether they have been the subject of disciplinary action by ASIC.

For defined benefit advice, in the first instance you may wish to call us to speak with the Advice team for general advice and if needed, they can help refer you to an adviser who specialises in defined benefit arrangements.

If an adviser is not operating under a licence, do not deal with them. They are breaking the law and you will have little protection if things go wrong. 


We can help make paying for advice easier and more affordable

To help make it even easier for you to seek financial advice about your super, we offer the option to have the fees you agree with any authorised financial adviser of your choice deducted from your super account balance rather than your take-home pay, when the advice is about your account in our fund. This may be a tax-effective way to pay for financial advice.

For more information, including terms and conditions, refer to our request to pay advice fee form.

Note: Fees cannot be deducted from a defined benefit account, but a fee in relation to defined benefit advice can be deducted from an Accumulate Plus or Retirement Access account if you have one.