HOW DO I…get my employer to contribute?


Things to know before you start:

  • The information below applies only to receiving contributions from employers other than the Commonwealth Bank Group.
  • Most Australian employees can choose the fund where their employer super contributions are paid, even if their employer has a default fund that they contribute to.

Getting started:

Step 1:

Give a copy of our Employer information sheet to your employer.

Step 2:

If your employer asks you to complete a super choice or choice of fund form, you may need to provide some or all of the following information about your Accumulate Plus account:

  • Fund name: Commonwealth Bank Group Super (Accumulate Plus)
  • Fund ABN: 24 248 426 878
  • Unique Super Identifier (USI): OSF0001AU
  • Super Product Identification Number (SPIN): OSF0001AU
  • Phone: 1800 023 928

Step 3:

A super choice election will only change the fund for your future employer contributions. If you have super in your previous fund, or other funds, you can transfer that account balance into your Accumulate Plus – refer to HOW DO I… transfer super into Accumulate Plus from another fund?

More info: