HOW DO I…transfer super & insurance cover into Accumulate Plus from another eligible super fund or policy?


Things to know before you start:

  • Transfer of cover is subject to acceptance by the insurer. It is important that you do not cancel your existing cover in your other fund or close that account until you receive confirmation from us in writing that your transfer of cover request has been accepted.
  • Any cover transferred will be subject to the rules and premiums applicable to Accumulate Plus and these may be different to those that applied in your other fund. You should consider the rules for both products before finalising your decision.
  • Whenever you change funds you should check how it might affect any benefits you have in your other fund, such as insurance cover. We do not charge you a transfer or contribution fee, but you should also check if exit or withdrawal fees apply in your other fund.
  • If you were covered under the CBA Employee Income Protection policy (CBA EIP) and are leaving or have left employment with the Group, you may be eligible to transfer your CBA EIP cover into Accumulate Plus without needing to provide full health and medical evidence to the insurer.

Getting started:

Step 1:

Complete our Request to transfer super and insurance cover form (both Parts A and B) – you’ll need the name and unique super identifier (USI) of your other super fund, as well as your account number.

Step 2:

You’ll also need to provide a valid statement from your other fund confirming the type, level and any additional terms of your existing insurance cover. More information about this is included on the form. We cannot process a transfer request without this statement.

More info: