HOW DO I...transfer super into my Defined Benefit division from another fund?


Things to know before you start:

  • The way that super is transferred into a Defined Benefit division in our fund is different depending on the rules for your particular division – refer to your division or the form below for more information.
  • You must apply for and receive approval from us before transferring any super from another fund into your Defined Benefit division. It is important that you do not close your other super account until you receive confirmation from us in writing that your transfer request has been accepted.
  • You generally can’t transfer super into your Defined Benefit division if you’re a deferred or post-employment member.
  • Whenever you change funds you should check how it might affect any benefits you have in your other fund, such as insurance cover. We do not charge you a transfer or contribution fee, but you should also check if exit or withdrawal fees apply in your other fund.

Getting started:

Step 1:

Complete our Request to transfer super form – this form contains 2 parts; a request for approval, as well as the request for your other fund. Both should be returned to us at the same time.

Step 2:

Once we have received your completed forms, we’ll let you know if your transfer request has been approved. If so, we’ll then send the request to your other super fund to initiate the transfer. Once we receive the super transfer, we’ll write to you confirming that the super is now in your Defined Benefit account.

More info: