Hopefully there’ll come a time when your financial obligations start to ease up and you've got more financial freedom!

You may now have lower mortgage commitments, or none at all, or your children may now be grown up and becoming more financially independent. These circumstances might now pave the way for you to consider some things to help boost your super and prepare for this next phase of your life.

Insurance cover

Just as it makes sense to consider increasing insurance when your financial commitments are increasing, it’s important to think about what level of cover makes sense for you now. With insurance premiums generally increasing with age, making sure you don’t have too much or too little insurance cover can help you get the right balance between protecting yourself and not seeing unnecessary premiums being deducted from your super.

Is the time right to top-up your super?

With super we often say that the earlier you start, the better. But it’s also important to remember that it’s never too late to start!

If you now find yourself with fewer competing financial demands, it might be the right time to consider tipping a bit of extra cash into your super

Is all your super together?

Of course, one of the best ways to give your super a boost – regardless of what stage of life you’re at – is to minimise unnecessary fees that you might be paying to keep multiple super accounts open. Taking this simple step might help keep more money in your account where it belongs. Find out more about the benefits of consolidating.

Now might be a perfect time for help and advice

At some stage most people will seek advice about their finances, particularly as they’re preparing for retirement. Getting the right kind of financial advice for your situation can make a big difference. It can help give you more confidence that your planning is on track for the future, or if it’s not on track, it can help you put some strategies and goals in place to improve your outcomes. Find out more about the advice options available to you as a member.

Financial advice is important if retirement is not too far away

Watch the above video to see how a financial adviser can help you plan and prepare for your financial future.

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