Super isn’t just about retirement and getting older. In fact, some actions you take even at the start of your life journey could make a big difference to your post-career lifestyle down the track. Here are a few tips and things to think about.


Minimise excess fees by getting your super together in one place

If you’ve had a few different jobs up until now – including any part-time ones while you were at school or uni – there’s a good chance you still have another super account (or more than one!). Keeping your super spread across a range of accounts can make it harder to keep track of over the long term and more importantly, it probably means you’re paying more fees than you need to be.

You can keep your account in our fund even if you move on to other employers in the future.

Find out more about the benefits of bringing your super together, or get started with our step-by-step HOW DO I…transfer super from another fund?.


Are you eligible for a super top-up from the government?

The government offers two ways to give your super a boost if you’re a lower income earner. So as someone new to the workforce, now might be a good time to see if you qualify.

Under the Super Co-contribution scheme, if you earn less than a certain amount and you add a bit extra to your super, the government may contribute up to $500 tax-free to help boost your super.

You may also be eligible for a low income superannuation tax offset of up to $500 (not dependent on you contributing to your super).

Find out more about these schemes in the Reference Guide: Boost your super.

Keep us with you when you change jobs

Each time you change jobs, super accounts can have a way of creeping up on you. So remember that you can keep your membership with us, and many of the same benefits, even if you leave the Commonwealth Bank Group in the future. And you can ask your new employer to contribute to your account to help keep your super all in one spot.


Just starting out? A financial adviser can help you on your journey

Watch the above video to see how financial advice can help you start things off towards your ideal financial future.

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