You’ve worked hard throughout your life, and now it’s time to make the most of this next phase of your life.

For many, retirement may be a celebrated and long-awaited milestone; for others there may be a sense of loss at the end of successful career or uncertainty about what to expect next. Or it may be a situation imposed on you through unexpected circumstances, such as job loss or illness.

Here are some tools, resources and ideas to help you make the most of your life after work.

Make the most of your retirement with financial advice

Watch the above video to see how a financial adviser can help you navigate through and maximise your retirement savings.

Other useful resources

    Preparing for a great retirement

    With a little early planning, you can focus on the delights of retirement, not the dollars. (Source: Commonwealth Bank Group Super)

    Different ways to access your super

    How you decide to access your superannuation can make a difference to your lifestyle and long-term financial security. (Source: CommBank)

    Account-based pension calculator

    With this calculator, you can work out whether you can make your pension last longer. (Source: ASIC MoneySmart)

    Portfolio management in retirement

    In retirement, investments may need a more tailored approach. Here are some key things to think about with your portfolio when heading into retirement. (Source: Financial Planning Association of Australia)