Welcome! It’s great to have you on board.

We want to share some of the most common things our new members are generally asking us. And if you've been wondering how to do the same things, the good news is each query should only take a few minutes to action if you need to!

  • I think I’ve got a few super fund accounts...how do I combine my super into one place?
    • Unless this is your very first job, you may have more than one super account, each of which is charging you a fee.

      The good thing about getting all your super into one fund is that it’s one of the best ways to potentially reduce the fees you pay – which means more money staying in your account! And with Accumulate Plus fees being among some of the lowest in the super industry, now might be a good time to consider bringing all your super together.

      Once you’re ready to take this positive step, we can help you get this started – just like we’ve helped thousands of our members do the same.

      Find out more about the benefits of bringing your super together, or get started with our step-by-step HOW DO I…transfer super from another fund?

      And if you don’t know where your other super is, don’t worry – we can even track down super you’ve lost or didn’t know you had.

  • Does insurance come with my super?
    • Insurance is an important part of your super but it’s often overlooked. If you can’t work due to sickness or injury, become totally and permanently disabled or die, having insurance can help support your family financially.

      Insurance cover through super can be cost-effective and tax-effective as premiums are paid from your super account rather than your take-home pay.

      Depending on your type of membership you may have received some cover automatically. It’s important to know how much insurance you currently have and compare that with how much you actually need, especially if your only insurance is through your super fund.

      To find out your current level of cover, if any, log into your account online, check your investor certificate contained in your welcome kit, a recent benefit statement or contact us.

      The good news is your Accumulate Plus account lets you tailor your insurance according to your needs, so when your life changes, your insurance cover can as well. Learn more about our types of insurance cover.

  • How can I see my current super balance?
    • Keeping track of your super online is easy with our secure member site, FirstNet, where you can view your account and investment details and perform some online transactions. Simply visit our Member login page and choose ‘Accumulate Plus’.

      Enter your online identity number (OIN) and password that were provided to you as part of your welcome kit to access your account. If you’ve lost or forgotten your OIN or password, they can be easily retrieved by clicking the link on the login screen.

      Plus, if you have a Commonwealth Bank NetBank ID, you can see your account balance in NetBank and the CommBank app, providing you haven’t opted out.

  • Who gets my super if something happens to me?
    • Your super is likely to be one of your biggest assets so it’s important to ensure it ends up in the right hands if something were to happen to you. A simple way to do this is to nominate a beneficiary for your super account because super doesn’t automatically form part of your Will, if you have one.

      Once you make a valid nomination, this means we must pay your death benefit to the person or people, or your estate, that you’ve nominated. If something happens to you and we don’t have a beneficiary nominated, we have discretion to decide which of your beneficiaries receives your super.

      Learn more about nominating beneficiaries or get started with our step-by-step HOW DO I…nominate a beneficiary?

  • How can I find out how much super I’m likely to end up with?
    • Checking off the four actions above will certainly help get your super sorted but how do you really know if you’ll have enough super to provide you the income you want in retirement?

      That’s where our 5 Minute Workout can help – simply enter your age, salary and super balance to one of the retirement calculators to get your projected retirement income.

      If the results aren’t quite on track, there are some additional actions you can take to boost your super and retirement income.

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