Your super is likely to form a large part of your income for your life after work, so there can be a number of things to consider before you retire.

Our 'Preparing for retirement' section is a great place to start, including information on:

Here are some tips to help get you thinking, depending on how far away retirement might be for you:

  • Considering retiring in 10 years? Start planning now – whether you’re ten years out from the official retirement age, or simply considering retiring early, it’s a good idea to start planning your retirement now and help boost your super along the way.
  • 5 years to retirement? Get the wheels in motion – if you’re planning to retire in five years there are plenty of things you can do right now to help achieve your financial freedom once you stop working,  such as talking to a financial adviser.
  • 1 or 2 years to retirement? Finalise your plan – your retirement is on the horizon so now is the time to start working out how much income you’ll have, when you’ll stop working and how you’ll manage your income.


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Now might be a perfect time for help and advice

At some stage, most people will seek advice about their finances, and in particular as they’re preparing for retirement. Getting the right kind of financial advice can make a big difference. It can help give you more confidence that your planning is on track for the future, or if it’s not on track, it can help you put some strategies and goals in place to improve your outcomes.

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