Understanding the details about each of our investment options is important in helping you decide how suitable a particular option is to your needs.

What the description information means

When we describe each of the investment options available for your account, including in the Member Guide (PDS), Reference Guide or Supplement, we include the following information:

  • ‘About this option’ is an overview of the investment option, including a summary of the main types of assets classes that the option invests in.
  • ‘Investment objective’ outlines the level of investment returns that we aim to achieve for this option. Performance is generally measured against a benchmark, such as the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which is a measure of inflation, and/or a relevant investment market index. It’s important to note that an objective is not a guarantee of returns.
  • ‘Investment risk’ is a general indication of the likelihood that returns will be negative for the investment option, generally expressed over a 20-year period. This 7-point rating scale from 'very low' (1) to 'very high' (7) is commonly used across all super funds and is known as a Standard Risk Measure (SRM). You should note that this is not a complete assessment of all forms of investment risk. The level of investment risk and potential returns for investment options can often go hand in hand over the longer term.
    • For example, investments with lower investment risk may produce more stable returns over the short term but generally have the potential for lower returns over the longer term. Returns for investments with higher investment risk may be more likely to fluctuate in the shorter term but generally have the potential for higher returns over the long term.
  • ‘Minimum suggested investment timeframe’ can often be linked with the level of investment risk as an indicator of how long you may need to be invested in the option in order to achieve its objective. Because options with higher investment risk often have greater potential for returns that fluctuate in the shorter term, you may need to be invested in these options for longer to ride out some of this volatility.
  • ‘How this option invests’ gives a breakdown of the asset classes that the option invests in – this is often referred to as the strategic asset allocation or asset mix.