Our goal is simple: to enhance your financial wellbeing, and that of your family, for retirement. For members who are nearing or beginning retirement, our platinum-rated Retirement Access pensions allow you to draw a regular income from your super benefits.

Top advantages of membership


We want to provide the right products to help you begin receiving an income from your super in retirement, with the right tools and support to help you along the way – and importantly, when you need it the most.

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How we compare with others


We want you to feel confident that your chosen super and pension fund is competitive, so we encourage you to compare us with others in the market. The Chant West AppleCheck tool makes getting started with your comparison easy.

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Ratings and awards


Ratings and awards from industry specialists can be one way to help you feel confident you belong to a strong fund, and Retirement Access has consistently achieved the highest ratings.

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Open an account


If you’ve decided to open a Retirement Access account with us, thank you! We’re delighted to continue helping you with your retirement plans.

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Fees and costs


The fees we collect in Retirement Access are used only to manage the fund in the best interests of all members and retirees. In Retirement Access, there are no fees to open an account, receive pension payments or make withdrawals, or switch investment options.

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