Fees & costs


The only wealth we’re interested in growing is yours – we put our members first, not profits. The fees we collect in Retirement Access are used only to manage the fund in the best interests of all members and retirees.



In Retirement Access, there are no fees to open an account, receive pension payments or make additional withdrawals, or switch investment options.

Administration and investment fees apply to your account but in total, these fees are among some of the lowest charged by super and pension funds in Australia.

Our profits-to-members approach means we can help you live the retirement you deserve by delivering value for money products and services to support you along the way.



Our fees are significantly lower than the average super fund

It’s important to us to ensure our fees remain competitive compared to other funds – and here’s how Retirement Access measures up.

The graph below shows industry research comparing the fees quoted in the PDSs of 168 pension products from a range of industry super funds, retail or master trust super funds, and corporate funds. (Source: SuperRatings Pension Benchmark Report 2016). Retirement Access fees are current as at March 2017.


A summary of fees that apply for Retirement Access

An administration fee and investment fee applies to each Retirement Access account:

  • The administration fee includes (i) a fee of $66 per year (which is deducted as $5.50 per month from your account balance) plus (ii) a fee of 0.17% of your account balance per year (which is deducted from investment returns)
  • The investment fee is different for each investment option – for example, for the default option (Balanced), the fee is 0.41% of your account balance per year (which is deducted from investment returns).

As a guide to help you in comparing different pension products, based on an account balance of $50,000 invested in the default (Balanced) option, the total fees you would pay would be $356 for that year.

You can find out more details about fees and costs in the Member Guide (PDS) for Retirement Access.