If you’ve decided to open a Retirement Access account with us, thank you! We’re delighted to continue helping you with your retirement plans.

Generally the only eligibility conditions that apply to opening a pension account with us are that you are already a member of our fund, either in Accumulate Plus, Retirement Access or Defined Benefits, and that you have a minimum of $20,000 in super to open your pension account.

If you have super in another fund or product that you want to use towards opening your new pension account with us, you’ll need to transfer that super into your Accumulate Plus account before completing the pension application. Some additional conditions may apply if you are or were a temporary resident of Australia.

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At some stage, most people will seek advice about their finances, and in particular as they’re preparing for retirement. Getting the right kind of financial advice can make a big difference. It can help give you more confidence that your planning is on track for the future, or if it’s not on track, it can help you put some strategies and goals in place to improve your outcomes. As a Group Super member, you have options available to you when it comes to financial advice.

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