The journey towards retirement can be different for everyone. While some may be ready, willing and able to make a clean break into permanent retirement, others may want to pace their journey a little differently.

Transition to retirement

Some may not even want to think of it as ‘retirement’ but rather a change in working hours or circumstances, allowing for more flexibility to pursue other interests. The good news is that there are options available through your super that may offer you flexibility and support as you make the move into life after work.

A transition to retirement strategy lets you access your super while you’re still working

Once you reach your preservation age, super laws allow you to begin receiving an income from your super even while you’re still working. This is achieved through what’s known as a transition to retirement pension, sometimes also referred to as a pre-retirement pension.

Topping up salary or boosting super savings

A transition to retirement strategy may provide a way to help supplement your salary if you reduce your work hours or semi-retire, or boost your retirement savings while you continue to work full-time.

Some points to consider about a transition to retirement strategy

  • Accessing your super early may also mean you use up your super savings earlier. You may need to look at other sources of income later in life.
  • Contribution caps limit the amount that can be contributed to super without incurring additional tax.
  • Tax may apply to super benefits paid to you in cash before age 60.
  • There may be significant tax implications with this type of strategy – you should consider seeking professional financial advice and/or taxation advice before making any decisions affecting your financial future.

Transition to retirement and defined benefit divisions

Making use of a transition to retirement strategy may be available to you depending on your preservation age and the rules for your Defined Benefit division. These rules and your benefit entitlements can be complex so you should seek professional advice about any implications on your defined benefits before finalising any decisions. Find out more about the help and advice options available to you in our fund.