Once you've opened an Accumulate Plus account, we'll send you a welcome kit showing your account number, online account details and other important information about your membership.

The great news is that, if you’re an employee of the Commonwealth Bank Group, you’ll most likely become a member of our fund from your first pay day with the Group – no application forms, no fuss...you'll simply receive your new member welcome kit!

If you’re not a new employee to the Group and would like to join our fund, that’s great too! We’d love to help you open an Accumulate Plus account and you’ll find some step-by-step instructions below.


Membership in our fund is available exclusively to employees of the Commonwealth Bank Group and their partners, so if in doubt about your eligibility to join, please contact us.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you can remain a member of our fund throughout your career, even if you change employers. However, if you're not a member at the time you leave employment with the Group, you will not be eligible to join the fund as a new member in the future.