Our goal is simple: to enhance the financial wellbeing of you and your family for retirement. We want to provide the right tools, products and support to help you make decisions about your super at the times when you need it the most.

Accumulate Plus
is our award-winning superannuation product, designed to help you make the most of your super savings in the years before retirement and build towards your ideal financial future.

As a member, you can take advantage of some key features and benefits of having your super with us:

  • A fund you can take with you through life
    • Our fund can travel with you throughout your career and into retirement – regardless of where life takes you. So even if you change jobs or have employers other than the Commonwealth Bank Group, you can keep your Accumulate Plus account and ask your other employers to continue contributing. And when you’re starting to think about retirement, we’ve got Retirement Access pension options to help you out too.

  • Exclusively for you and your partner
    • Our fund is not open to public membership – we’re here specifically for the benefit of current and former employees of the Commonwealth Bank Group. And because your family's financial wellbeing is just as important to us, we make it possible for your partner or spouse to join as well.

  • A track record of solid investment performance
    • We’re in the business of helping you build your savings for retirement for the long term but just as importantly, we want to help protect your savings too. Our diversified investment options are among the top performing options for long-term investment returns. Read more about our investment philosophy or investment performance and returns. (You should remember, though, that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.)

  • Fees lower than the industry average
    • There are no fees to join Accumulate Plus, contribute or transfer super into your account, or switch investment options. Administration and investment fees apply to your account but these total fees are among some of the lowest for super products in Australia. Read more about fees.

  • Stay in touch with your super online (including NetBank)
    • In addition to our secure member account tool, we make it easy for you to keep track of your super right alongside your everyday savings and investment accounts by being able to see your account balance in the Commonwealth Bank’s NetBank and CommBank App platforms.

  • Making it easy to access help & advice
    • Your financial wellbeing is what matters so to help you make the most of your account and plan for the future, we provide you with a few different ways to access help and advice options – including some that you can access at no additional cost.

  • A super account that's a step above the rest
  • Protecting yourself and your family with flexible insurance options
    • Insurance through super can be a cost-effective and tax-effective way to give you peace of mind in case something happens to you. Accumulate Plus has flexible insurance options, including default cover for most new members, transfer of cover from other funds and life event increases without having to provide additional medical evidence.