Your super is there to help you save for your retirement, and the financial future you deserve. You can make the most of your super by potentially minimising the fees and paperwork involved in having multiple funds! 

Bring your super together today

If you’ve had a few different jobs, chances are you may have more than one super account. With our online search tool, it's easy to search for your super and bring it together!

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Find your super in minutes


As you change jobs, it can be difficult to track down your other super accounts, but with our online super search tool it just got a lot easier! You may even discover super you didn’t know about.

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Take us with you if you change jobs

If you're a member of our fund you can still keep all your super together in one spot, even if you leave the Commonwealth Bank Group. And if you do move on, you can ask your new employer to contribute to your Accumulate Plus account.

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