Your super is there to help you save for your retirement, and the financial future you deserve. Make the most of your super by minimising the fees and paperwork involved in having multiple funds!

Bring your super together

If you’ve had a few different jobs – including any casual, part-time or full-time jobs – it’s likely you may still have more than one super account. And if you do, it’s likely that each of them is probably charging you fees. Bringing your super together can save you thousands in fees over the long term.

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Find lost or other super


As you change jobs, it can get harder over time to keep track of each different super account. We can help you track down any lost super accounts to help keep your super together.

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Take us with you if you change jobs

If you're a member of our fund you can still keep all your super together in one spot, even if you leave the Commonwealth Bank Group. And if you do move on, you can ask your new employer to contribute to your Accumulate Plus account.

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