Consolidating can be one of the easiest ways to give your super a boost – by reducing your number of accounts, there’s a good chance you’ll also reduce your total fees.

If you’ve had a few different jobs – including any casual, part-time or full-time jobs – it’s likely you may still have more than one super account. And if you do, it’s likely that each of them is probably charging you fees.

We've helped thousands of our members bring their super together – and we even found forgotten super that some members had lost track of! So now may be the time to consider rolling your super over into one fund.

Some of the benefits of bringing your super together into Accumulate Plus include:

  • Potentially reducing the fees you’re paying to keep multiple accounts open
  • We don’t charge you any fees to transfer super into Accumulate Plus (you’ll need to check if an exit or withdrawal fee applies in your other fund)
  • Less paperwork to worry about with all your super in one spot
  • Our fees are lower than the average super fund – read more…

And if you don’t know where your other super accounts are, don’t worry – we can help you track down any super you’ve lost track of or didn’t know you had.

Something important to consider: Features and benefits such as fees, insurance cover, investment returns, risks and other options may be different in each super fund so you should consider these things before changing funds. For example, you should check how changing funds might affect any insurance cover and if exit or withdrawal fees apply in your other fund.


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