Keeping track of your super is important not only for your future retirement savings, but also to help you better manage what you've got when it comes to investments, contributions, fees and insurance within your super...not to mention any extra paperwork involved!

If you've had more than one job, there’s a chance you may have more than one super fund.

Searching for your super and then bringing it together has never been easier, and you may even find some lost super you didn’t know about.

Our online search tool guides you through the process and provides results within moments. If you find another account and want to consolidate, you can simply click to bring it all together into Accumulate Plus.

Search for your super today

To search for other super accounts, just log into your Accumulate Plus account and click on the ‘Consolidate super’ button on the home page dashboard and it will guide you through the search.

Prefer to search on your own?

If you’d prefer to go directly to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to search for your super, you just need to set up a MyGov account and link to the ATO to do an online search.


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