Keeping track of your super is important not only for your future retirement savings, but also to help you better manage what you've got when it comes to fees, investments, contributions and insurance within your super.

As you change jobs, it can get harder over time to keep track of each different super account. And if that sounds a bit like you, you’re certainly not alone – according to the Australian Taxation Office, there was over $11 billion of ‘lost’ super in Australia in 2016.

But the good news is, we can help you find out if any of that lost super belongs to you!

Thanks to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) SuperMatch program, it’s now easier for us to help you find and bring together any super accounts you have quickly and easily – whether they’re lost account or ones you know about.


Want us to search for you?

We simply need your consent to use your tax file number to search the ATO’s SuperMatch records. If we find any super accounts for you, we’ll write to you with the results and the next steps to help you bring your super together.


Prefer to search on your own?

There’s also an option for you to go directly to the ATO website and download their Searching for lost super form to do your own search for super accounts. You’ll simply need to have your name, date of birth and tax file number handy. You can also set up a MyGov account and link to the ATO to do an online search.

If you find any super accounts, find out more about bringing them all together into your Accumulate Plus account.

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