If you're moving on from the Commonwealth Bank Group, it doesn't mean you have to leave your Group Super account behind...Take your account with you to new roles, and keep all of the advantages of membership!

Did you know that more than 30,000 of our members no longer work for the Commonwealth Bank Group? They’ve chosen to stay with us, even when they’ve moved on to other jobs.

One of the advantages of being a member of our fund is that you can still keep all your super together in one spot, even if you leave the Group or change roles. And if you move on, you can ask your new employer to contribute to your Accumulate Plus account. 

Some reasons to choose us:

  • You can ask any new employers to contribute to your account – read more…
  • The same fees, with our member-focused approach, continue to apply – read more…
  • Any insurance cover you had will continue, or you can apply for cover – read more…
  • Continued online account access
  • Your super will stay organised in one place!

Something to consider:
Once you’re a member of our fund, you can stay with us for life, but as a corporate super fund, there are some rules on when you can join or re-join the fund. You may wish to keep our membership eligibility in mind if you are considering closing your account.

Asking your new employer to contribute

Most Australian employees can generally choose where their super gets paid, even if an employer has a ‘default’ fund they contribute to. This is known as ‘choice of super fund’ and you can find out more about these rules on the ASIC website.

Super is money for retirement, so it’s important that contributions are being paid where you want them to be paid.

And don’t forget
: Nominating your Accumulate Plus account will change where new employer contributions get paid, but it won’t close your other super account. Find out more about how to consolidate your super accounts.