Most experts agree that to live a comfortable retirement, you'll need to contribute to your super in addition to what your employer contributes. But where do you start? What will you have, and what will you actually need? It's a good idea to look at ways to 'grow' your super while you're still working to ensure you have the retirement lifestyle you want.

How much will you need?

How much you need will really depend on what sort of things you’ll need, or want, to spend your money on when you start living off your super.

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Top up with contributions

Taking small steps now could add up to thousands of extra retirement savings dollars over time. If you start early enough, even small extra contributions can make a huge difference when you do it regularly.


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5-minute workout to shape up your super

Preparing for retirement is important. And even though it may seem like another lifetime away, it’s important to think about the little things you can do along the way. And just 5 minutes every now and then spent on your super planning can make a big difference.


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