Our priority is helping enhance your financial wellbeing for retirement, and offering products and services at competitive fees is a key factor in achieving that goal. And insurance premiums are no different.


Accumulate Plus has some of the lowest insurance premiums among super funds in Australia, consistently at or above the top quartile (i.e. lowest premiums) when compared to industry medians (Source: SuperRatings).


Premiums that apply


Premiums apply for all insurance cover you have in Accumulate Plus, including:

Premium amounts


The amount of the insurance premium that applies to you will generally depend on your:

  • type of cover – death-only, death and total and permanent disability, salary continuance
  • amount of cover (note: if your cover is calculated as a multiple of your salary, your premium will change accordingly with any salary changes)
  • age – premium rates change each year on the first due date after your birthday
  • sex
  • waiting and benefit payment periods you choose (for salary continuance cover only)
  • in some cases, any special circumstances that the insurer may apply to you.



The most up to date premium rates are always included in the Reference Guide: Insurance Cover, together with the formula to estimate your annual premium.

Insurance premiums are deducted monthly (in advance) from your Accumulate Plus account. If you have more than one investment option for your account, you can choose the option that insurance premiums are deducted from.

If, for any reason, there is not enough money in your account to cover your premium, your insurance cover may be cancelled; however we’ll write you to let you know your options to top up your account if needed.