A member booklet provides members, and prospective members, with important information about the fund. The following booklets, including product disclosure statements (PDSs), outline the main features and benefits of your membership.

It's important that you read the most current version of a document before finalising any decisions about our products or any decisions that may affect your financial future. From time to time we may update the documents below, so it is also important to check our update notices.

Update Notices: We may change the features of the fund as described in the documents below from time to time. We'll notify you of changes that adversely affect you as required by law. If changes aren't materially adverse, we may issue an Update Notice before or after the change instead of updating the document. It’s possible that changes may occur in the future, which may occur without prior notice to you. You should check if any Update Notices have been issued that are relevant to your account in the fund since the date a document was issued.