How much will you need?

While there always seems to be discussion on ideal retirement amounts and formulas in the media, it really just comes down to what sort of things you’ll need, or want, to spend your money on.

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When you can access super


Super is designed to provide an income for you in retirement, therefore there are rules around when you can begin withdrawing it in cash.

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Transition to retirement


Some may be ready to make a clean break into permanent retirement, while others may want to pace their journey a little differently. The good news is that there are options available through your super that may offer you some flexibility and support as you make the move into retirement.

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Resources, help and advice


This is often a time of considerable lifestyle and financial change, which means there’s likely to be a number of things you’ll want to think about and discuss with others before making any decisions.

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Top tips in the lead-up to retirement


There are plenty of options to help make the most of your super – the key is to start as soon as possible. Retirement is on your horizon, so any action you can take now will get you closer to your ideal financial position.

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