Our fund is governed by a corporate trustee, Commonwealth Bank Officers Superannuation Corporation Pty Limited (ABN 76 074 519 798, AFSL 246418, RSEL L0003087).

The trustee’s primary responsibilities include:

  • making sure the fund operates in accordance with its governing rules and relevant laws
  • setting the strategic and business priorities for the fund
  • administering the fund on behalf of members and beneficiaries
  • investing the fund’s assets.

The trustee holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 246418) and a Registrable Superannuation Entity Licence (RSEL L0003087) and does not conduct any business other than the trusteeship of Commonwealth Bank Group Super.

Board, committees and executive management

The people who help guide and govern the fund bring a diverse range of experience and expertise to our trustee board, committees and executive management .


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Financial statements and reports

The fund's annual reports, actuarial statements and financial statements are available to help you understand the financial position of the fund and the trustee company.


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Service providers

The trustee outsources all business activities that support the trustee and the fund’s operations and management to a range of service providers.

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