We recognise we have a responsibility to manage environmental, social and governance risks, and to proactively identify opportunities that will help enhance the financial wellbeing of our members and their families for retirement. We are committed to embedding ESG considerations into our business processes and decision making.

Our ESG policy outlines the minimum standards we seek to abide by, the targets and commitments we’re adopting, and the governance and oversight in place to support our endeavours. It also outlines the exclusions that we apply when considering the fund’s investment strategy.

This policy will continue to evolve over time to reflect our progress achieved, evolving member and stakeholder expectations and regulatory requirements.

Climate change

We accept the scientific consensus that climate change is occurring and are committed to net zero emissions across our investment portfolio and operations by 2050, in line with the 2015 Paris Agreement goal of keeping global average temperatures to well below two degrees Celsius.

You can read more about how we’re addressing climate change in our ESG policy.