Our trustee selects professional investment managers to manage the fund’s assets, which includes the super in your account.

Each investment manager is allocated a portion of the fund’s assets to manage based on its specialist skills and we regularly monitor each manager’s activities and investment performance.

A list of the fund's current investment managers by asset class for the fund's accumulation assets is provided below. You can also find out more about the allocation of assets to each investment manager in our Annual Report each year.

Note: You do not have direct investments with these managers, nor do the managers enter into any direct relationships with you or provide financial services to you. The appointed investment managers may be altered at any time without prior notice to you.

Asset class Investment managers (for the fund's accumulation section)
Fixed Interest & Cash

Fixed Interest:

  • Ardea Investment Management Limited
  • BlackRock Investment Management (Australia) Limited
  • Goldman Sachs Asset Management International and Goldman Sachs Asset Management LP
  • Macquarie Investment Management Global Limited


  • First Sentier Investors (Australia) IM Limited
  • GAM International Management Limited
  • Towers Watson Investment Management (Ireland) Limited
  • Fulcrum Asset Management LLP

QIC Limited is also appointed to provide currency hedging for the foreign currency exposure for this asset class.

Real Assets

Infrastructure - core & listed:

  • Whitehelm Capital Pty Ltd

Property - core:

  • AMP Capital Investors Limited
  • Barwon Investment Partners Pty Ltd
  • Vicinity Funds Management Pty Ltd

Property - listed:

  • Resolution Capital Limited

QIC Limited is also appointed to hedge 100% of the foreign currency exposure for this asset class.

  • Insight Investment Management (Global) Limited
  • Newton Investment Management Limited
  • Schroders Investment Management Australia Limited

Australian shares:

  • First Sentier Investors (Australia) IM Limited
  • Hyperion Asset Management Limited
  • Merlon Capital Partners
  • Quest Asset Partners Pty Limited
  • Yarra Funds Management Limited

International shares:

  • Altrinsic Global Advisors LLC
  • American Century Investment Management Inc.
  • Ardevora Asset Management LLP
  • First Sentier Investors Realindex Pty Limited
  • Franklin Advisers, Inc. (novated from QS Investors LLC effective 7 August 2021)
  • Hosking Partners LLP
  • Vontobel Asset Management Inc.

QIC Limited is also appointed to hedge approximately 25% of the developed market currency exposure for international shares within this asset class.

* Actual asset allocations may vary from the strategic (target) allocation from time to time.