Portfolio holdings disclosure

Depending on the investment option(s) you have for your account, your super is invested in various underlying assets, which are also called 'holdings'. 

You can view the holdings details for our investment options to 30 June 2023 in the table below. Simply choose your product, and then choose the relevant individual option within the product's list.

You can also view more detailed holdings breakdown information through the links below.


Negative exposure explained:

For each Investment Option table 3 provides the actual asset allocations. Table 3 also includes the effect of derivatives exposure for each asset class as well as the cash offset for the derivative exposure in other asset classes. The consequence of classifying derivatives exposure to certain asset classes in some cases results in a negative exposure. The figures shown are sourced from APRA reporting as at 30 June 2023 and have been calculated based on regulatory reporting requirements. Derivatives are used for a number of intents such as gaining or reducing asset class exposures or to manage exposures to certain risks (e.g. interest rate or currency risk). The effect of derivatives exposure figures show the effective (or synthetic) exposure for all derivatives, regardless of their intent. Given the complexities associated with interpreting derivative exposures, care should be taken if using this information to inform any investment decisions. When assessing whether the information is appropriate for you, please consider the product disclosure statement that applies to your membership at oursuperfund.com.au/pds. You should also consider seeking professional financial advice before finalising any decisions that may affect your financial future. 

Shareholder voting

Where our fund held shares in certain companies it was entitled to vote on matters to be decided by company shareholders. Read more about our voting policy, including a summary of how voting rights have been exercised for our Australian shareholdings and international shareholdings.