Commonwealth Bank Group Super is managed by a corporate trustee. The documents below provide information about the governance and operation of our fund, known as the Officers’ Superannuation Fund prior to May 2012.

Product information and disclosure

Important notice about our MySuper product's failed performance

APRA has given the Trustee a notice that the requirement in section 60D(1) of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993, which applies under an 'annual performance assessment' designed and introduced by the Government and administered by APRA, has not been met for our MySuper product in relation to the most recent financial year (2020/2021). However, APRA has not given the Trustee any such notice for the previous financial year (2019/2020), this being something we are required to state even though no annual performance assessment was required or carried out in relation to that financial year.