Magda West appointed to Group Super board following by-election

Posted: 19 July 2021

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Magda West as a member-elected director on the Group Super trustee board following our recent by-election.

Magda was the successful nominee in our by-election for the role of Member Director ‘C’ held in May 2021 due to a vacancy on the board, with the following ballot results:

  • Magda West – elected with 42% of formal* votes received
  • Shane O’Connor - 17% of formal votes
  • Geoffrey Wearne - 14% of formal votes
  • Kerry McGowan - 14% of formal votes
  • Carlie Lau - 7% of formal votes
  • Tim Clift - 5% of formal votes

*4.5% of the total votes received were informal votes (incomplete or duplicates) and did not count towards the election results.

Magda will serve the remainder of the 3-year Member Director ‘C’ term until 30 November 2023. She has joined the trustee’s Risk and Audit Committee.

Magda is an experienced advisor and lawyer having worked for more than 14 years in the finance industry, including more than 8 years working for the Commonwealth Bank Group’s superannuation and investments areas. She has expertise in member rights and advocacy, trustee duties, corporate and investment governance, and setting strategic direction.

Before joining the Group, Magda was a solicitor at law firm Mallesons Stephen Jaques (Sydney and London), where she specialised in mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory compliance.

About our trustee board

Our board comprises nine director positions:

  • 3 member directors are elected by eligible voting members. Elections occur annually, with one position expiring on a rolling basis each year. These directors are Poon Fletcher, Stephen Halmarick and Magda West.
  • 3 employer directors are appointed by Commonwealth Bank as the fund’s primary employer sponsor. These directors are Cara Botha, Janet Linklater and Chris Williams.
  • 3 independent directors, one of whom serves as chair of the board, are appointed by the board. These directors are Rosemary Vilgan (Chair), Susan Allen and Ian Ward-Ambler.

The board’s primary responsibilities are setting the strategic and business priorities for the fund, administering the fund on behalf of members and beneficiaries, investing the fund’s assets and ensuring the fund operates in accordance with its governing rules and relevant laws.

Read more about our trustee board and directors.