A reminder of the limited services period 

Posted 11 October 2023

A limited services period will commence at 3:00pm on Wednesday 25 October 2023 and continue until the middle of November 2023 for Accumulate Plus, Retirement Access and Defined Benefit (excluding lifetime pensions) members.

This means online, phone or post based transactions must be received by Group Super by 3:00pm 25 October in order to be processed prior to the transfer date. Any requests received after this time will be processed by Australian Retirement Trust after the limited services period ends, from mid-November 2023.

Group Super Online and our app will move to read only access at 3:00pm on 25 October and permanently close on Friday 3 November 2023. 

During the limited services period, we will not be able to process any changes to your account, including updating your address or contact details, making or changing a beneficiary nomination or transacting.

Even though transactions will be limited during this period, unit prices will continue to be updated during this time. We will also continue to receive contributions from the Commonwealth Bank and SuperStream (if applicable to you). 

Limited services period – Defined Benefit Lifetime pensioners 

For members receiving a Defined Benefit lifetime pension, the limited services period will commence on Wednesday 18 October 2023 and continue until Monday 6 November 2023. Please note your pension payments will not be affected by the limited services period.

Why a limited services period is required

A limited services period is required to assist with the completion of transaction processing before the transfer, to allow the handover of data to be managed efficiently, and to reduce the risks otherwise associated with what is a large and complex merger.

If you are planning to submit a transaction or make any changes to your account, please ensure you do so prior to 3:00pm on 25 October.

More information

For more information on the limited services period and other frequently asked questions, visit our merger hub.


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